Flipkart Introduced SuperCoin, Now Available On Every Payment Basis


The e-commerce company Flipkart is preparing to introduce a new rewards system for its users. Its name will be SuperCoins. The company has said that it is a brand reward ecosystem. Users of SuperCoins will also be able to shop on other platforms and also earn SuperCoins. For example, if users do transactions from Zomato, MakeMyTrip and Oyo, they will still be given SuperCoins.

Flipkart has said in a statement that users can earn SuperCoins by transitioning to Flipkart or its partner service. They can also be redeemed as well. They can also be redeemed from the partner website. Flipkart’s Growth and Monetization Vice President Lighting Sikaria said, “Users will be rewarded with SuperCoins everywhere.”

Flipkart Plus Membership: Flipkart had introduced its membership plan. Flipkart Plus is offering many benefits to its customers. The company has said that it is being done after several years of research on the new edition market. Apart from this, Flipkart has also partnered with several major internet companies that will provide additional benefits to the customers. According to the company, the Flipkart Plus program is specially designed for Indian customers. Many users in India use Amazon Prime. In such a way Flipkart Plus is giving it a tough competition.

Flipkart Plus: Zero Charge, Free Delivery, Early Access

Under this service, customers will be provided free delivery, early access, better customer service etc. These customers will be given first access to any cell event in the company.

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