Google Calendar stalled in many countries including India, the error of the 404 is coming

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If you also use Google’s calendar, you may have experienced that Google’s calendar app and site are completely blocked. Users from many countries, including India, are complaining about the downturn of Google Calendar. According to the report Google Calendar is down from Tuesday evening. When you go to or the Google Calendar app, you get the message of Not Found Error 404.

On the issue, Google’s G Suite has said that they are investigating the downfall of Google Calendar and more notifications will be given shortly. The point here is to note that shortly before the Google Calendar was down, the Google G su had tweeted the schedule feature.

At the same time, after the downturn of Google Calendar, people are making a funny tweet on Twitter. A user tweeted that Google Calendar is down and as long as it is not okay, I will be wandering around in the office and eating snacks. Google Calendar will tell me where to go and what to do.

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