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One Plus TV is now Official, will be preloaded with Jio Apps

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OnePlus had confirmed a year ago that the company is preparing to enter the new TV segment. The smartphone maker company has now said that the first TV will be launched in 2019. The Chinese company has also released the name of its upcoming TV model. In a post in its forum, OnePlus has informed that the first TV will be named OnePlus TV. In addition, the company has also released the product line logo. A report has also found that this TV will come with Jio Apps.

It is worth noting that the company has released the name of the TV after a year long competition (OnePlus TV: You Name it contest). In this, the company had asked the fans for suggestions for the name.

It has been written in the forum post, ‘About a year ago we posted in the forum in the context of TV Naming Competition. Now we are going to announce the final decision regarding the name and logo of our TV project. We are excited to share this news with you first of all. Please welcome OnePlus TV.

According to OnePlus, this name is quite simple and straightforward. The company believes that no other name can represent their value, vision and pride better. At present, no further information has been received about this upcoming TV, but according to the information received, ‘Bardless’ design philosophy will be given in it.

According to the report of 91 Mobiles, Jio is testing the compatibility of its applications with OnePlus TV. At the moment it is also not clear which stage of testing is going on. But after the testing is over, it is possible that live apps will be pre-loaded in OnePlus. At the moment it is also not clear which live app will come with the TV.

It is being speculated that the launch of OnePlus TV can be done till 26 September. However, speaking of a report, the 43-inch screen size of this upcoming TV will be launched exclusively in India. This size will not be made available in markets other than India. Apart from this, 55-inch and 65-inch models will also be launched in India. At the same time, the TV will also be launched in 75-inch size, but this model will be made available only in China and US markets.

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