Xiaomi will not launch this year, the smartphone of these two series, the CEO did the confirm

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If you are also waiting for the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi’s Mi Max and Mi Note phone, then it is a bad news for you. Xiaomi will not launch the phone of MI Max and MI Note Series this year. It is confirmed by the company Lee Lee himself.

The co-founder and CEO of Xiaomi shared a post on the social media platform Weibo, in which he clarified that phones of Mi Max and MI Note Series will not be launched this year. It is expected that the phones of Mi Max and MI Note Series will be seen in the beginning of 2020.

According to Lee June, the purpose of the MI series is to strengthen the flagship smartphone market, while the high-end phones will be launched under the MI mix, apart from this the new CC series phones will be launched keeping in mind the choices of youth. Along with the Redmi Series, the budget will focus on the smartphone market.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi has recently announced the new series of smartphones CC. Xiaomi’s CEO Lee Jun said CC means colorful and creative. This series has been prepared by the students of ‘Chic & Cool’ arts students. Although Xiaomi has not yet offered any smartphones under the CC series.

If leaked reports are there, then the company can launch Mi CC9 under the CC series. In MI CC9 the flip camera can be found like the Asus 6 Z. It is said that it will be the first smartphone of Xiaomi and Meitu brand. Explain that in December last year, Xiaomi had acquired the Meitu brand, but so far, under this brand, Naomi has not launched any phone.

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