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You will be able to wear the Sony AC, a size smaller than the mobile phone


Now, you will also agree that whenever you get out of the sun in the hot sun, you will feel that you have a small AC, which you can keep up with. If you have thought or wanted this, then it seems that your heart has been heard. According to a video posted in the South China Morning Post, Sony has created a wearable AC and launched a crowdfunding project for such a device.

This AC has a small rear panel, which passes hot and cold air. It is claimed that the name of Reon Pocket is smaller than the size of this AC mobile phone. However, this device can be used only with a special undershirt. This undershirt will be sold along with the device. The temperature of this AC will be controlled from the smartphone. That’s it, there is such a technique, which will automatically set the correct temperature.

According to the video, the technology used in this AC is based on the Peltier element. It is also used in car and wine coolers. It is a battery-powered device that can last up to 90 minutes after 2 hours of charge. So far, the crowdfunding project has razed $ 200,000 in just 2 days. If you are thinking about how much it will be worth or it will be very expensive, then you are probably going to be surprised. The price of this world-wide AC will be around $ 130 or Rs 9200.

One thing might disappoint you that it will be sold only in Japan. This is said in a video. After the news of this product, it has become popular in social media as a sensation. We should also keep in mind that cloud funding projects are mostly made of concept and do not come in the market. However, it is a product that people would like to be available in the market as well as for sale in their countries.

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